Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ryans' Polka.

The only song that made me any money today was Ryans' Polka. I've got it on my loop peddle with a bouncy rock drum beat underneath. Bit of digital delay and we're away. Must have played it for an hour solid at one point. If you have an audience that's only going to see about 40 seconds of you, you have to impress to make cash. A good 20% of people who walk past me hear me at my worst. Either when I've lost the thread or I'm still warming up, or I'm a bit miffed at someones' body language. Or I'm just playing crap. Bloke in an Arsenal shirt walked by today and skipped to click his heels together. I thought he was miming a flying kick because he caught me off guard, so I scowled at him, then decided Ryans' Polka must be driving me a bit crazy. I tried Morrisons' Jig. 15 minutes worth and not a solitary penny. 3 minutes of Passaglia in 4/4 and £3, but it made my brain hurt. Back to Ryans' Polka.......

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