Friday, November 15, 2013

Marble Arch was a bit strange today. I did 4 hours in Tottenham Court Road from 12, so got there at 4. There I was fiddling away, doing better than expected because I was a bit tired, and this bloke comes up to me waving a religious leaflet in a manner that suggested I might want to take it. I carried in fiddling in a nonchalant manner. 'Do you want this in you case?' 'I don't care mate.' He looked a bit put aback. 'I don't believe in God.' And he was all. 'But can I put it in your case?' 'No.'

The Devil plays the best music was my attitude. So I carried on fiddling for a bit, but was making no money and I was getting more tired and I started to think maybe God did exist and now he was pissed off. Just out of the corner of my mind. Then a young Scandinavian woman came and listened for a bit, then came over and said 'I like your music, would you like this cash?' holding out two handfulls of coppers ' 'No thanks, they wouldn't fit in my case.' She wasn't trying to buy my soul for the Devil, but you can't be too careful

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