Thursday, October 2, 2014

Had that Chris Draja from the Yardbirds in the front of me Violin case today. Put a bit of cash in and took some snaps. Nice bloke.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Had a bit of a busk outside Waterstones today in Notting Hill Gate. Previously I used to stand by the wall and face my amp out towards the other side of the street. Last time and this time I put my amp on a raised tree bed wall facing towards the shop. First time I did it there was a bloke re-arranging the window display who gave me a nice smile. I had a look in the window this time and there were a few music books there, problees nothing to do with me, but it's nice to day dream.
Lots of people were sat around reading books when I arrived. One left when I started up, but the rest remained. I didn't make much money. Should have taken that as a hint, but carried on playing because rush hour was approaching, when everyone gets a bit more lively and prone to having a bit of a jig. Then two young men wearing office clothing with a distinct nod to 'Wall Street' came up to me and said they were from the office block just behind Waterstones. (Really scruffy office block that looks unoccupied.) The one with the steps and the funny squiggly sculpture outside it. They were very polite apart from a brief moment they needed at the beginning of our exchange for closure on the irritation of hearing 'Ryans Polka' 5 times whilst trying to do a bit of work. We agreed that it was better when I had my amp pointed at Nandos. I used to busk it acoustically and make more money, so I'll do that from now on. They put two quid in though. I was going to say 'It's £10 per 100 metres I move away from your office.' but decided against it.
When I am dictator of the Grand Democratic Republic of London there will be small speakers stationed all over the city. People will have to pay taxes into open violin cases attached to the treasury through an intricate underground railway type thing or I will fiddle through these speakers louder and louder and the only tune I will play will be Morrisons Jig.