Monday, February 25, 2013


I started under the awning outside Knightsbridge tube. The road was too loud, my fiddle was too quiet. My bow is losing it's hair, it's almost past halfway. Just couldn't get the volume I needed to get peoples attention. I took a risk and headed towards Marble Arch. If you go up the escalators and turn right into the tunnel there's a T junction. This is both a good spot to busk and beg. The homeless guys who occupy the foot tunnels have a rota for this spot. If there's no one there I'll busk it. Some times I've been busking there and a bloke has wordlessly sat down beside me and started begging. I just move when this happens, don't even say much to them. Maybe I should pack a tambourine for such occasions. It's good etiquette though, they're basically saying 'bugger off' and 'you've got as much right to be here as I have' at the same time.

There was already someone there. I had a choice: get back on the tube or go to the quieter tunnel behind the Australian War Memorial. People pass through this tunnel about every minute or three. It's not a good footfall, but sometimes if you strike a few sweet notes you can get a good hit rate. At one point I was hitting substantial change from one in every four or so punters. Good practice, but not getting the bow hair replaced. I stopped when I found myself engineering tunes that started when I heard footsteps at the end of the tunnel and reached a crescendo as they drew almost parallel. I also played a little game of doing really whacky dances for the security cameras while no one was walking through the tunnel, then standing on the spot when people passed. 

I got the number 10 to High Street Kensington, but the crowds around Harrods drew me off and there I was stood outside the main entrance opposite some bloke collecting for charity. He didn't look that bothered about collecting until I turned up, must have been a long day. I played a few tunes and people had a choice. Busker or charity, it did him good, before I piped up they were just busy ignoring him. Then my D string snapped. That's twice in a row outside Harrods.

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