Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm off for a busk in Shepherds Bush tonight.

This is what happened last time I was there in mid December:

I pissed off a Copper tonight. He looked like he wanted to hit me. His lower lip was wobbling. He said "I've never been spoken to like that in all of my life." And then I said " Wa Wa Wa, I'm a community support officer and I've got nothing better to do than harass popular local buskers because I've got a massive inferiority complex mwa mwa Wa Wa Wa." And he looked like he wanted to hit me even more so I said "Look at you! Properly squaring up to me. Oh my god, that's so aggressive, you seriously need to work on your body language." And he was all "you don't know me." because he wanted me to like him while he was moving me away from my spot.

So I'm a little bit nervous to tell you the truth. The second time you see one after you've pissed them off things can get a little hairy. I really pissed this copper off. He was with an attractive young female officer who he felt protective of and was clearly trying to impress. Maybe when they strolled up to me to stop the music, they felt a slight thrill. 

Sometimes when I'm really pissing an officer off, I get lent a hand. This time an old black guy in a fedora came up as I was saying "No, I'm not going to give you my details." and said "Don't worry, I'm your independent legal advisor." the copper ignored him and said "Why aren't you going to give me your details?"

"Because, and I'm sure my independent legal advisor will back me up on this, I don't have to." then fedora bloke goes "Why are you bothering him anyway?"

"Because he's committing a crime."

"He's not, he's playing music."

It's one of my favorite busking spots too. Shepherds Bush Market tube station under the bridge and facing the market. Most of the time my fiddle is drowned out by the traffic or the Hammersmith and City line overhead, but when the traffic settles the acoustics are lovely. The flower stall over the road has a woman who often comes over and says "beautiful, beautiful." in a lovely sort of Eastern European accent before dropping a bit of cash in. There are loads of youngsters about who sometimes have a jig and sometimes come and ask for a go on me fiddle. The occasional drunk. One or twice people have come up to me when I'm smoking a fag and just started singing. 

There's a cold Northerly wind blowing tonight, I need to make £20 at least before my rehearsal with 'Firefay' who rehearse in the Bush studios, literally just around the corner from my spot, which is shaded from cold Northerly winds by the bridge and Shepherds Bush Market. The only thing standing in my way is if that copper has a shift today or not. 


  1. Wishing you a copperless day.

  2. You should put 'Wishing you a copperless day.' on a postcard of a copper beating someone around the head. You'd make ££££'s.